AXI Green Service for Energy Savings

AXI Fuel Cleaning SystemsThe Green Clean Institute is more than pleased to certify and recommend that fuel cleaning program of AXI.  Though unknown to many, the problems of storing fuel are very real and have huge environmental consequences.  

Dirty fuel does not burn clean and produces soot and fumes.  By contrast, clean fuel is more efficient, produces less fumes, and conserves waste.

The AXI system is particularly valuable to any facility that stores fuel (gas or diesel).  Any time fuel is stored, it will begin to break down and become a kind of sludge.  If untreated, the fuel can clog and ruin the engines used to supply power to hospitals, government buildings, schools, and even emergency response systems.

The same issues apply to any company using trucks, cars, and heavy equipment.  If fuel is spoiled, it become waste that is every difficult to dispose.

The problem is also very concerning for the marine industry.  Fuel storage and fuel in the tank of boat can also go through periods of storage.

Fuel filtration and fuel polishing is extremely important to the the vast array of fuel storage facilities.  The solution offered by AXI is an affordable and Green process that saves fuel and minimizes waste and harm to equipment.