Green Product Reviews

As a way of perpetuating the conversation on Green products, we offer a list of products that have caught our attention:

  • CoverTec hard floor care products are breakthrough treatments that offer a superior and Green alternative to traditional hard floor care products.  
  • Wrangler is a familar name to many people.  We found an interesting tag stating that a shirt was made from 30% recycled content.  In the develop of a Green product, the process need not be 100% but a step in the right direction.  This leaves room for improvement and allows consumers the ability to make a better selection and still enjoy comport, style, and good products.
  • Dr. Moe's Mist can be used for every office, school, gym, restaurant, or building concerned for sanitizing with non-toxic products.  Essential oil mixtures are the hands-down best way to solve many problems, and they are healthy additions to our lives.  Better yet, the mist process not only treats surface but also treats the air.  Surfaces and airborne transfer of disease should be treated together for a serious sanitizing program.
  • Dr. Bonner's Castile Soap is interesting as Castille soap is a simple product made from vegetable oil.  Green products often use simple ingredients that solve everyday problems.  
  • Earthstone products use pumice to create a variety of scrubbing tools.  Pumice is a natural mineral that will not pollute your world compared to some of the strong chemicals used to clean difficult and heavy grease buildup.
  • Thrive cleaning products use vegan, biodegradable product in their line of cleaners.
  • Decon Five is a two-part product that is applied in a mist or spray manner.  The treatment kills mold, sanitizes, neutralizes odors, and detoxifies buildings.  It leave behind no toxic residue and can be used in areas where there are chemically-sensitive people who struggle with the indoor environmental issues.
  • Murphy's Oil Soap has been a standby product for decades with a consistent intent to maintain a natural formulation for various cleaning problems.
  • Fresh Wave Products are a line of products using natural ingredients that include essential oils to combat and eliminate odors.  Too often, people and cleaning companies resort to fragrance sprays that only mask odors and further pollute the air.
  • Generally, microfiber cleaning tools are a creative cleaning tool that may not rank as a Green cleaning product.  These tools are reusable and can be washed up to 500 time before throwing them out.  Microfiber tools pick up more dust and dirt without pre-spraying, and they make any cleaning service more efficient.
  • We like biodegradable trash bags for many reasons.  Primarily, plastic materials may not break down for fifty years and tend to either litter the land of collect in huge ocean islands (gyre) and never dissolve.