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Breakthrough of a Green Floor Stripper

Everyone in the hard floor care service sector knows that one of the most dangerous products routinely used is floor stripping solutions.  These are dangerous for several reasons.  First, the high pH level of floor strippers at the 13-14 acid levels which are dangerous if in contact with skin, and very dangerous to eyes if splashed.

Metal Interlock Floor Finish

Hard Floor FinishFor more than a decade, the idea of hard floor finishes have depended on the infusion of metals like zinc, copper, or aluminum in the final finish of the floor.  The reason for the metallic addition was to make the hard floor finish more durable.  A hard floor finish is important to the maintenance as the floor.  A softer floor finish keeps the dirt on the top of the finish, whereas a softer finish allows dirt to penetrate the surface, dull the finish, and destroy or yellow the finish.

CoverTec Floor Care Products Earn Green Certification

Green Hard Floor CareInstead of talking about floors, try to imagine two cars.  One shiny and clean.  One dull and dirty.  What is your reaction or desire to own either one?

Imagine two people and their head of hair.  One nicely groomed and combed.  The other untrimmed and uncombed.  Which would attract a positive reaction?

These elements do not make or break the value of the car or the person.  They are aesthetics and attributes that make something that is functional into something that is appreciated.  Floors are not the first thing people notice, but the quality and luster of a floor makes any building or office a much better place to work or visit.

Green Product Labeling

Green labelsNo one doubts that a product needs eye appeal and strong promotion to stand out from the competition. 

Of course, a Green label or Eco label is one of the ways to improve product appeal and create a competitive edge.  However, a Green label should be about more than eye appeal or a marketing tool.  The concept of a Green product is about protecting the health of people and improving the environment.

Unintended Affected of Cleaning Products

Cleaning Product WarningThe haunting issue of many cleaning products iswhat happens after we use them.  Blissful ignorance is that these product magically are used up after their use.  Sadly, cleaning products do not merely evaporate and disappear.  They can literally exist for years in one form or another.  

As a young person years ago, my dentist asked me to chew, but not swallow, two tablets.  They did not taste bad, and I was instructed to spit out the residue and water into a small sink.

Don't Buy Green Products

Don't Buy Green ProductsThere is a reason to not buy Green products.  If you take the time to look at the label, you may want to put that Green product back on the shelf.  I like to ask, "What makes this product Green."  If it is simply the boast of a self-invented label, be wary.  There are very few limitations on advertising a Green label or Eco logo.  Unless the claims of a product are outlandish and dangerous, most companies can get away with making bold, but misleading claims.

Chemical Sensitivities and Green Products

Chemical sensitivity and Green ProductsAs anyone would assume, chemical sensitivity is abnormal reaction to a variety of synthetic products or ingredients.  While the sensitivity may be termed "Idiopathic", meaning that there is not certain diagnosis of the root problem, it is clear that many people have crossed a threshold which is the limits of their ability to tolerate an ingredient or compound.

HMIS Rating for Green Products

HMIS rating of Green productWe assert that Green is best defined by the "Health Impact" an ingredient or product has on various categories to consider.  The most obvious health impact would be on humans and animals.  

The second area of health impact would be the indoor environment of home, school, workplace, office, gym, or building.

Eco-Certification or Green Certification

Eco CertificationTo clarify the difference between Eco certification and Green certification, the difference is easy to confuse.  "Eco" from "Ecology" is by definition about the planet, thus an more encompassing term.  Green has been grossly stretched to mean many things, but we believe the word primarily refers to "Health".  And we see three levels of health that should be considered:

The Kinda Green Product Problem

Green Product greenwashingWhen it comes to Green production certifications, we are awash with products that are stretching credibility to make their claim as a Green product.  We call these "Kinda Green" product that would not pass a nominal Green product audit, but there are ways to slip through the back door of the Green community.


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