CoverTec Floor Care Products Earn Green Certification

CoverTec Green Floor Care Products

The Green Clean Institute is pleased to have reviewed the line of hard floor care products from CoverTec and awarded the GCI Green product certification to these outstanding products.  Frankly, hard floors may be the least recognized aspect of a building until you see a floor that is badly in need of cleaning.  The question of floor care can be reduced to how to minimize the cost, but it may surprise many that it is more affordable to proactively maintain hard floors than to default to the cheapest method.  Over a period of one or two years, good hard floor care is often more affordable and provides a huge positive statement about your company.

Instead of talking about floors, try to imagine two cars.  One shiny and clean.  One dull and dirty.  What is your reaction or desire to own either one?

Imagine two people and their head of hair.  One nicely groomed and combed.  The other untrimmed and uncombed.  Which would attract a positive reaction?

These elements do not make or break the value of the car or the person.  They are aesthetics and attributes that make something that is functional into something that is appreciated.  Floors are not the first thing people notice, but the quality and luster of a floor makes any building or office a much better place to work or visit.

What is the unspoken statement of a unshined and dirty car, a uncombed head of hair, or a poorly treated floor.  It subtly says, "I don't care what you think."  It is possible to boast function over appearance, but do we not want both when possible.  

Given the choice, would we rather live in a house that is clean, smells good, and is well ordered over a house that is functional but in disarray and in need of a serious cleaning?

In addition to the function, and appearance; what about the health of the building that is enhanced by using Green products?

Historically, floor care products are some of the worst offenders of the cleaning product industry.  Buffing floors throws millions of micro dust particles into the air, and if the floor finish is a metl interlock product, as most are, these particle have a metal content.  the metal additive is usually zinc, copper, or aluminum.  Metal infusions are added to make the floor more resilient or durable.

CoverTec has found a way to eliminate the metal additives but deliver a high-grade finish that can last up to two years with moderate care.  This is an outstanding and much appreciated value for those who want a Green floor finish that actually exceeds the performance of traditional, metal-infused floor finishes.  This is just one of the reasons that CoverTec has earned the GCI Green product certification.  However, we have found that the commitment to quality and Green values run across all the products offered by CoverTec.

Of the most offensive products in the hard floor care sector is FLOOR STRIPPER.  These solvents are very high on the pH scale, meaning they are dangerous to living things.  They are also high on VOC emissions pushing out volume of chemical fumes that further pollute the building.  CoverTec has developed a line of hard floor stripper using, of all things ... microbes.  Tile floors, stone, or concrete floors may age poorly and become yellow or dark in spots.  When using the stripper from CoverTec, the substrate can literally be rejuvenated.  

Follow the four step method of removing the old finish, rejuvenation, finishing, and maintenance to discover how good your hard floors will look and how much more affordable the CoverTec system is over the year.  In addition, building managers have the added value of improving the Green and health aspect of the workplace.

The Green Clean Institute is now offering periodic Green Floor Technician training in our Ft Lauderdale location or by our 100% online video training course.  Everyone who attends the GCI Green Floor Technician training (live on online) will receive a code for 15% off all purchases of any CoverTec products.      See Green Floor Care Technician