Earthstone uses 100% Natural Ingredients

Earthstone Green certifiedWhile we routinely review Green cleaning products, the Earthstone products are both interesting and useful.  Earthstone has tapped an unlimited supply of pumice to create a line of very effective scrubbing and cleaning products.  There are may circumstances when there is a need for a powerful scrubbing tool that can replace strong or toxic products.

EarthStone line of abrasive blocks delivers non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning power for your grill, pool, kitchen, and bathroom surfaces—plus a sanding solution for drywall!

When developing the Earthstone products, we focus on integrating safety and sustainability by evaluating the entire product lifecycle. We optimize the amount of packaging used and ensure that our bottles are recyclable and contain post-consumer recycled content wherever possible. It’s our goal to implement greener chemistry into our products while improving performance for our consumers.