NeoSan Labs Earns GCI Green Certification status

NeoSan Labs Green Cleaning certificationNeoSan Labs offers four versions of this highly effective cleaning, sanitizing, and detoxification products.  While the basic formulation is similar, NeoSan Labs have designed four products that serve the four most important cleaning needs.

As seen in the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitizing is a very important application.  However, most sanitizing products are not eco-friendly and tend to make the indoor air quality worse.  The NeoSan Labs product is a very effective sanitizing treatment that also improves the indoor air quality.

NeoSan Air Detox is effective in the detoxification of any building.  As Building Related Illness (BRI) or Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is impacting more than 70% of commercial or public buildings, the NeoSan Labs Air Detox is an effective treatment for any building.

NeoSan Carpet is used to cleaning and detoxify carpets.  NeoSan Restoration can be used to remediate mold and mildew problems, solve biohazard conditions, and even treat drug houses, tear gas smell, and tear post-fire conditions.