All Ozone offers a Green Solution for Odors

Ozone Generator from All OzoneIn case you didn't know it, ozone is created everyday in nature.  Ozone is essentially another form of oxygen.  We breathe O2 oxygen, and exhale CO2.  Ozone is temporarily boosted to O3 by an ozone generator, and the O3 reverts to O2 after about 20-30 minutes.  We know that ozone is a respiratory irritant when at high levels during an ozone treatment, so the basic rule is no pets or people in the treatment area.  

However, after about 15 minutes, it is permitted to reenter the treatment area and let in some fresh air.  The concept of sustainability is very obvious.  Ozone generators convert available O2 into O3 ozone, which goes back to O2.  There is no raw product used in the process, and there is no waste after the treatment.  

The Green Clean Institute had no problem approving this professional ozone generator from All Ozone.  Ozone is 100% natural, like water.  All the system does is that it raises the level of active oxygen to solve a variety of environmental issues, then the ozone goes back to normal oxygen.

Ozone is great for solving odor problems at the source.  It also kills mold and mildew.  In light of the pandemic, ozone is a highly-effective sanitizing process that does not require a massive amount of manpower to sanitize large areas.

The 1530G Maxx from is particularly impressive because it is very well built and has a three hour timer that turns the machine off after the treatment.  Prolonged ozone treatments are not recommended by the National Ozone Association.  So, a three hour time is actually smart.  In fact, two or three cycles of treatment are deemed more effective than one 8-10 hour treatment.

To maximize the effect of an ozone treatment, do your best to clean the area first.  Ozone works best as the final remediaiton treatment. 

All Ozone also offers a free Basic Ozone Treaining for their customers.  This is important as ozone is a process that has some important protocols.