Credibility and Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising Green CertificationIt has been more than a decade since the Green and Sustainability issues became popular.  The process took on importance under President George Bush who signed the Clean Air Act in 1990 and promoted all agencies to engage in Green and eco-friendly restructuring.  In the rush to catch up, many companies took the shortest path to a Green and sustainable operation.

CoverTec Floor Care Products Earn Green Certification

Green Hard Floor CareInstead of talking about floors, try to imagine two cars.  One shiny and clean.  One dull and dirty.  What is your reaction or desire to own either one?

Imagine two people and their head of hair.  One nicely groomed and combed.  The other untrimmed and uncombed.  Which would attract a positive reaction?

These elements do not make or break the value of the car or the person.  They are aesthetics and attributes that make something that is functional into something that is appreciated.  Floors are not the first thing people notice, but the quality and luster of a floor makes any building or office a much better place to work or visit.

AXI Green Service for Energy Savings

AXI Fuel Cleaning SystemsThe Green Clean Institute is more than pleased to certify and recommend that fuel cleaning program of AXI.  Though unknown to many, the problems of storing fuel are very real and have huge environmental consequences.  

Dirty fuel does not burn clean and produces soot and fumes.  By contrast, clean fuel is more efficient, produces less fumes, and conserves waste.

The Green Value of Probiotics

Probiotics are Green ProductsPureBiotics is a leading-edge manufacturer of a variety of probiotic cleaning and personal health products.  And, there is little doubt that probiotics are as natural and organic as any product on the market.  In addition, we really like the concentrated products that are a sustainable virtue.

Probiotics are microorganisms that like to eat up organic matter, including the ever-present biofilm found on all surfaces.  The value of probiotics are that they are symbiotic to our lives and our world.  

All Ozone offers a Green Solution for Odors

Ozone Generator from All OzoneIn case you didn't know it, ozone is created everyday in nature.  Ozone is essentially another form of oxygen.  We breathe O2 oxygen, and exhale CO2.  Ozone is temporarily boosted to O3 by an ozone generator, and the O3 reverts to O2 after about 20-30 minutes.  We know that ozone is a respiratory irritant when at high levels during an ozone treatment, so the basic rule is no pets or people in the treatment area.  

PureAir Controls for Green Building Services

Green Air Conditioning ServicePure Air Control services is yet another important part of any Green-committed building operation.  The air conditioning units are often contaminated by dirt, debris, mold, and mildew.  The film that forms on the cooling coils make the air conditioning system very inefficient.  The proper cleaning and treatment of air conditioning actually saves energy, improves air quality, and reduces stale odors.

Earthstone uses 100% Natural Ingredients

Earthstone Green certifiedWhile we routinely review Green cleaning products, the Earthstone products are both interesting and useful.  Earthstone has tapped an unlimited supply of pumice to create a line of very effective scrubbing and cleaning products.  There are may circumstances when there is a need for a powerful scrubbing tool that can replace strong or toxic products.

NeoSan Labs Earns GCI Green Certification status

NeoSan Labs Green Cleaning certificaitonNeoSan Labs offers four versions of this highly effective cleaning, sanitizing, and detoxifcation products.  While the basic formulation is similar, NeoSan Labs have designed four products that serve the four most important cleaning needs.

Decon Five is a Green Sanitizing Product

Decon Five is an Effective Green SanitizerThe history of Decon Five is impressive.  The product was developed for the military nearly thirteen years ago from a government grant to provide a safe decontamination product for the military.  Though there were other considerations, the manufacturer of Decon Five produced one of the most innovative cleaning, sanitizing, and decontamination product of the decade.

Decon Five can be stored for ten years, subjected to heat or cold, and still produces amazing results as soon as the A-B formula is missed.  This make this product a great product to keep on hand.  

Samaritan Shield Receives GCI Green Certification

Samaritan Shield is a Green Sanitizing productThe Green Clean Institute is pleased to review Samaritan Shield as an invaluable Green product in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of the several well-known "High-Touch" areas, computers, keyboards, and control panels are transfer points for all types of contagious diseases.  The best advice is to routinely clean and sanitize all high touch areas several times throughout the day.  

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